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3 1833 02303 4926 

Gc 977.202 F77mpw, 1916-17 
Daughters of the American 
Revol-ution. Mary Penrose 
Year book 



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Digitized by the Internet Arciiive 
in 2013 


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(iKarg pmr^s^ pjagm Ctf apter 



Daughters of the American Revolution was organized 
under the Constitution of the National Society of the 
Daughters of the American Revolution April 21, 1901. The 
Charter was granted January 20, 1902. The Chapter is named in 
honor of the wife of the intrepid General Anthony Wayne, to whom 
the West owes an everlasting debt of gratitude for the establish- 
ment of peace and the opening of the blood-stained frontier to 
the forces of civilization and enlightenment. 

President General 

Mrs. William Cummings Story 

Vice President General for Indiana 

Mrs. John Lee Dinwiddie 


Regent .--.-.- Mrs. Henry A. Beck 

Vice Regent -.---- Miss Emma A. Donnell 

Secretary ----.-- Mrs. Frederick S. Bates 




Mrs. Otto Rott 
Mrs. W. G. Clark 
Mrs. E. C. Atkins 

^iMarg ^^nrosc piagne Cl|apter 


Vice Regent 

Recording Secretary 

Corresponding Secretary 


Historian - 


Mrs. J. B. Crankshaw 

Mrs. B. J, Griswold 

Mrs. Stuart K. King 

- Miss Italia Evans 

Mrs. B. W. Rhamy 

Mrs. Martha B. Hanna 

Mrs. Geo. S. Bliss 

program CanittntteB 

Mrs. Jones, Dr. Banning 

Mrs. Griswold, Mrs. Pettit, Mrs. Dalman 

Melinvt of '^amm anb ^\:\xlbvtn 

Mrs. Bliss, Mrs. McCaskey 

Mrs. Diffenderfer, Mrs. Dunkelberg, Mrs. Rahe 

l^ttatvbniwn of ^tstortc ^pots nnb J^ecorbs 

Mrs. Hayden, Mrs. Grimes, Mrs. Elliott. 


Mrs. Granger, Mrs. Keel, Mrs. Mossman 

Past '^t^tni^ 

Mrs. Frances Haberly-Robertson - - . . 

Mrs. Carolyn R. Fairbank - . - . - 

Mrs. Winifred J. Randall ..... 

Mrs. Pearl Foster Rahe ..... 
Mrs. Anna C. Dunkelberg ..... 
Mrs. Carolyn R. Fairbank - . . . - 

Mrs, Sarah E. Fitch 

Miss Margaret S. Vesey ..... 



®I|rc0 ©'Clock 

October 2 

Historic Spots in Fort Wayne - Miss Alice Deihl 

Hostesses — Miss Vesey, Mrs. Taylor, Mrs. Hanna, 
Mrs. Banning, Miss Gorley, Mrs. White, Mrs. 
Warrington, Mrs. Fairbank, Mrs. Wentz. 

November 6 

Report of State Conference 

Hostesses — Mrs. Mossman, Mrs. Vesey, Mrs. Rob- 
ertson, Mrs. Caps, Miss Caps, Mrs. Jackson, 
Mrs. T. F. Thieme, Mrs. Fisher, Mrs. Morris. 


December 4 

Christmas Program 

Mrs. J. G. Thieme 

Hostesses — Mrs. Bliss, Mrs. Dalman, Mrs. Diffen- 
derfer, Mrs. Dunkelberg, Mrs. Corey, Mrs. Fitch, 
Mrs. Barrett, Miss Waltz, Miss Randall. 

January 8 

Civic Questions Dr. Jessie Calvin 

Hostesses — Mrs. Grimes, Miss Deihl, Mrs. Robinson, 
Mrs. Crankshaw, Mrs. Keel, Mrs. Jones, Mrs. 

Program— Olontmueh 

February 5 


Dr. Banning 

Hostesses — Mrs. Rahe, Mrs. Granger, Miss Wood- 
worth, Mrs. Wood, Mrs. King, Mrs. Merritt, 
Mrs. McCaskey, Mrs. Calvin. 

February 22 

Colonial Tea 

March 22 

Monroe Doctrine 

Mrs. Jones 

Hostesses — Mrs. Petti t, Mrs. Rhamy, Mrs. Griswold, 
Mrs. Perfect, Mrs. Nichols, Mrs. Woods, Mrs 
Hay den, Mrs. Elliott, Miss Conklin. 

^ragr^tnt — dontmu^h 

April 2 


Mrs. E. T. Wood 

May 7 

Hostesses — Mrs. Green, Mrs. Bash, Mrs. Heaton, 
Mrs. Yaple, Mrs. Meigs, Mrs. Massey, Miss 
Barnett, Mrs. Randall, Mrs. Shoaff, Mrs. J. G. 
Thieme, Miss Wilbur. 

Annual Luncheon and Election of Officers. 

June 14 ( Flag Day ) 

Patriotic Education Committee. 


Nat. No. Signature 

44271. Banning, Carrie. 

102216. Barnett, Susan. 

* 36685. Barrett, Marian Anna. 

108149. Bliss, Elizabeth. 

112859. Calvin, Jessie Carrithers. 

116055. Caps, Marie Loveland. 

133212. Caps, Maud DeLile. 

Conklin, Flo E. 
( Papers Pending ) 

124254. Corey, Jennie M. 

41054. Crankstiaw, Margaret. 
t 43882. Dunkelberg, Anna Crockett. 
78593. Deal, Alice. 
74752. Dalman, Alida Sturgis. 

'Charter Members. 
tLife Member. 


Dr. Carrie Banning, 
1148 Kinnaird Ave. 

Miss Susan Barnett, 
2432 S. Webster St. 

Mrs, J. M. Barrett, 
2325 Fairfield Ave. 

Mrs. G. S. Bliss, 
State Street. 

Mrs. W. D. Calvin, 
315 W. Wayne St. 

Mrs. Marie L. Caps, 
Rose Cottage, 
New Haven, Ind. 

Miss Maud DeL. Caps, 
Rose Cottage, 
New Haven, Ind. 

Miss Flo E. Conklin, 
2449 S. Broadway. 

Mrs. D. A. Corey, 
137 E. DeWald St. 

Mrs. J. B. Crankshaw, 
3128 Fairfield Ave. 

Mrs. C. A. Dunkelberg, 
2401 Fairfield Ave. 

Miss Alice Deal, 
525 E. Berry St. 

Mrs. Ed Dalman, 

Nat. No. Signature 

75224. Diffenderfer, Harriet M. 

75222. Evans, Italia E. 

118447. Fisher, Ethelwyn Taylor. 

101218. Elliott, Eliza Hanna. 

* 35807. Fairbank, Carolyn E. 

* 10452. Fitch, Sarah Elizabeth. 

88863. Gorley, Nancy Jane. 

* 37649. Granger, Laura W. 
111289. Grimes, Mary K. 

60280. Griswold, Louise Norton. 

69217. Green, Eugenia Heath. 

55638. Hanna, Martha Brandriff. 

102887. Hayden, Eliza Hanna. 

44273. Heaton, Kate Russell. 

116056. Jackson, Harriet Loveland. 

74000. Jones, Jean B. 

88864. Keel, Mary G. McKenzie. 


Mrs.W. A. Diffenderfer, 
2409 S. Harrison St. 

Miss Italia Evans, 
521 E. Berry St. 

Mrs. Norton Fisher, 
826 Union St. 

Mrs. J. E. Elliott, 
719 W. Wayne St. 

Mrs. C. E. Fairbank, 
White Apartments 

Mrs. C. B. Fitch, 
920 Webster St. 

Miss Nancy Gorley, 

Mrs. H. C. Granger, 
904 W. Berry St. 

Mrs. J. A. Grimes, 
821 Webster St. 

Mrs. B. J. Griswold, 
1316 W. Wayne St. 

Mrs. Dallas Green, 
Randall Hotel. 

Mrs. M. B. Hanna, 
1128 W. Berry St. 

Mrs. Fred J. Hayden, 
Hanna Homestead. 

Mrs. O. N. Heaton, 
734 W. Wayne St. 

Mrs. Henry W. Jackson, 
Rose Cottage, 
New Haven, Ind. 

Mrs.Frederick H. Jones» 
2435 Hoagland Ave- 

Mrs. Mary Keel, 
830 W. Berry St. 

♦Charter Members. 

Nat. No. Signature 

111290. King, Florence demons. 

86596. Massey, Florence Lance. 

115232. Morris, Ella Fitch. 

42884. McCaskey, Louise Sturgis. 

99107. Meigs, Helen Bullock. 

* 36193. Merritt, Flora Pinney. 
43884. Mossman, Emma Seymour. 
54924. Nichols, Edna Eavey. 
56238. Perfect, Maude Eavey. 
55637. Pettit, Ella Keel. 

t 49890. Rahe, Pearl Foster. 

* 37252. Randall, Winifred J. 
123631. Randall, Phyllis. 

* 19135. Robertson, Frances Haberly- 
97490. Robinson, Lillie Deal. 
75832. Rhamy, Mary A. 


Mrs. Stuart K. King, 
732 Kinnaird Ave. 

Mrs. G. W. Massey, 
912 Wildwood Ave. 

Mrs. W. N. Morris, 
414 Wildwood Ave. 

Mrs. G. W. McCaskey, 
2832 Calhoun St. 

Mrs. Charles A. Meigs, 
1020 Kinnaird Ave. 

Mrs. E. H. Merritt, 
225 W. Woodland. 

Mrs. B.Paul Mossman, 
1202 W. Wayne St. 

Mrs. W. A. Nichols, 
1314 W. Wayne St. 

Mrs. A. H. Perfect, 
1210 W. Wayne St. 

Mrs. W. L. Pettit, Jr. 
1127 W. Wayne St. 

Mrs. Frank Rahe, 
2326 Fairfield Ave. 

Mrs. Perry A. Randall, 
Sprankel Station. 

Miss Phyllis Randall, 
518 E. Berry St. 

Mrs. F. H. Robertson, 
Spy Run Ave. 

Mrs. J. M. Robinson, 
Anthony Hotel. 

Mrs. B. W. Rhamy, 
1115 Garden St. 

♦Charter Members. 
tLife Member. 

Nat. No. Signature 

106324. Shoaff, Susan R. 

92867. Taylor, Annie L. Maples. 

* 16913. Thieme, Bessie Loring. 
77812. Thieme, Mary Adams. 
44913. Vesey, Sarah Waterhouse. 
50703. Vesey, Margaret Studabaker. 
86595. Waltz, Elizabeth. 

121801. Wells, Zepha H. 

* 37255. White, Minnie Thompson. 
24586. Wilbur, Flora. 


Mrs. J. A. Shoaff, 
1910 Spy Run Ave. 

Mrs. I. N. Taylor, 
826 Union St. 

Mrs. T. F. Thieme, 
1026 W. Berry St. 

Mrs. J. G. Thieme, 
816 W. Berry St. 

Mrs. Sarah W. Vesey 
2602 Thompson Ave. 

Miss Margaret Vesey, 
2602 Thompson Ave. 

Miss Elizabeth Waltz, 
127 State St. 

Mrs. H. O. Wells, 

404 Old Fort Place 

Mrs. Edward White. 
514 E. Berry St. 

Miss Flora Wilbur, 

112860. Wood, Nanna B. 
39016. Woods, Louise J. 

Mrs. E. T. Wood, 

Mrs. Louise J. Woods. 
820 S. Harrison St. 

89401. Warrington, Carina Banning. Mrs. W. H.Warrington, 

3203 Hoagland Ave. 

* 27650. Woodworth, Alida Taylor. 
74001. Wentz, Eva L. 

49274. Yaple, Frances Russell. 
♦Charter Members. 

Miss Alida Woodworth, 
904 W. Berry St. 

Mrs. Theo. Wentz, 
805 W. Wayne St. 

Mrs. Carl Yaple, 
1115 W. Wayne St. 

Nat. No. Signature Address 

54242. Aber, Viola Greer, Mrs. A. J. Aber, 

510 S. LoRobles Ave., Pasadena, Cal. 

54701. Bash, Lillian Root. Mrs. W. S. Bash, 

530 N. Meridian St., Indianapolis, Ind. 

* 37261. Bash, Minnie Keel. Mrs. Daniel F. Bash, 

2066 N. Meridian St., Indianapolis, Ind. 

115808. Ganiard, Lillian N. Mrs. Sidney K. Ganaird, 

LaGrange, Ind. 

64566. Lukens, Mary Brandriff. Mrs. Alfred Lukens, 

Brewster, N. Y. 

45719. Miesse, Katherine. Miss Katherine Miesse, 

5707 Kimbark Ave., Chicago, 111. 

44249. Monahan, Laura Muirhead. Mrs. Jos. E. Monahan, 
211 LaGrade Ave., Grand Rapids, Mich. 

* 37252. Seavey, Amy Randall. Mrs. Amy R. Seavey, 

226 E. 52nd St., Portland, Oregon 

* 16657. Sturgeon, Mable Walker. Mrs.Thomas Sturgeon, 

5021 Pulaski Ave., Germantown, Pa. 

* 36690, Silcott, Blanche Williams. Mrs. Walter D. Silcott, 

Lawton, Okla. 

25720. VanSweringen, Cora Miesse Mrs. F. H. VanSweringen, 

5707 Kimbark Ave., Chicago, 111. 

* 29440. Watt, Evelyn Bond. Mrs. Wm. H. Watt, 

167 Prospect Ave., Hackensack, N. J. 

114243. Williams, Mary Randall. Mrs. Chas. F. Williams, 

1882 Columbus Rd., N. W., Washington, D. C. 
68252. Wagoner, Helen Geer. Mrs. W. B. Wagoner, 

Painsville, Ohio 

* 36689. ZurMuehlen, Gertrude Williams. Mrs. Carl ZurMuehlen, 

Deer Lodge, Mont. 

♦Charter Members. 


'? >^v g"^ y-'^f.